Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create as many forms as I want in as many databases as I want?

You can create as many forms as you want but for a maximum of 2 databases at a time.

I reached the 2-database allowance but I don't use one of my databases anymore, how can I create a form for a 3rd database?

Delete all the forms attached to the database you don't use anymore. This will decrease your database count to 1 and you'll be able to create forms for your 3rd database.

Is the connection between Act! and the Automatic Web Forms server secure?

Yes. It uses a 256-bit encryption certificate. Same for the connection between the form and the server.

How long are my form results stored on the AutomaticWebForms server?

30 days. After 30 days, all form results are deleted.

I have deleted the form results that I imported into ACT!. Can I reimport them?

Yes. The add-on keeps track of your import sessions of the last 30 days under Import>Reset import data. You may choose to make form results imported during a session available for download again at any time.

Can Automatic Web Forms be used for surveys?

Absolutely. You can create forms with multiple pages and use conditional branches to skip pages. For more details, see Part 5 of our user's manual: How to use pages and sections.

Can I install AWF on multiple computers?

Sure. Just make sure the first time you run it that you select the option to connect to your existing account. If you're accessing it from a satellite database (ie. a database with the same structure but with a different name), you won't be able to see your existing forms once you launch the add-on. Simply go to Options>Synchronization environment and follow the instructions. Don't do this if the database is not a replica or a copy of the database the forms were created in.