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At this time, Automatic Web Forms is only available as an add-on for Act! CRM.

It requires version 2011, 2012, 2013 of Sage ACT! Pro or Premium or Act! v. 16, 17, 18 or 19 (Pro or Premium). It is not available for the Web version (although it can be run on the Windows version installed on your server).

The add-on is free and comes with a free subscription to import 30 form results per 30 days. For unlimited imports, see our pricing page.

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Automatic Web Forms II, v.
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Why is v.5.1+ called Automatic Web Forms II?

This new version of Automatic Web Forms includes many new features. Since you may want to revisit the way your forms created under a previous version are structured, we designed it so that it can be installed and run in parallel with the old version. This way you can take the time to upgrade your forms and decide if and when you want to replace them on your Web site.

If you're upgrading to Automatic Web Forms II (i.e. from v.4 to v.5+), please see this upgrade document.

Legacy File: This is the last version of Automatic Web Forms before the release of Automatic Web Forms II: v. 5.0